Galjaard: a conversation with Tan was one of the hardest of my life

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Erland Galjaard has considered Humberto Tan as presenter of RTL Late Night. The former channel director of RTL, says that he is short for the ’dismissal’ of the presenter, the conversation wanted to cancel. “I’m not someone’s life on its head. Then, but less scoring.”

“Sometimes you are overtaken by reality,” says Galjaard in the Dummies Podcast. “The criticism there has been was often very personal, very to. But also very much on the man and played unfair. Tasteless also. But that did not stop there, however, what was going on with the program. That I had of course already seen. And that in itself is not so strange. He is the only man, apart from Van Nieuwkerk, who all alone had to do.”

He shows like no other to know that getting criticism is inherent in the tv world. “This is also true for Humberto, how to that also is, you know people there is something about going to say. Also sometimes very unjust or even unkind, but I think that you should try there as little as possible pay attention to. Because you have to focus on what you’re doing. I have always done.”

Twan Huys

According to the husband of Wendy van Dijk, last month a point behind his RTL-career, he saw the talk show to go backwards. “Humberto was a very long time in the spilled target audience of younger viewers many times more popular than home cooked apple pie and Peacock together. Until this year, even. He won every prize and all the people interviewed; he was the perfect man. I can also imagine that both editors, transmitter – also the hand in his own bosom – and the presenter, something lives on: that’s okay, we know how to do it. Then is there still a sort of laziness in. Maybe refresh your too late. Are you afraid to change things. And then it can go very fast.”

Then is He going to talk to both editors as with Tan. “Three quarters of a year ago, I thought: I do not know whether it was ever follow with RTL Late Night. Decided to move on, but I am at that time and started looking to find a successor. There is never been that RTL an influential talk show in the late evening would be deleted. Who conquered place is too important to give up. Eventually, I met up with Twan Huys from me last year once interviewed. Then it still has a half years before we Huys were around.”

’View only’

The ’ontslaggesprek’ that he is with Tan argued, was according to the old-zenderbaas one of the most difficult conversations of his life. “I arrived in Amsterdam and have very briefly considered, when I sat there: you Know what? I just go home. View the but. I don’t do it. I’m not someone’s life on its head. Then, but less scoring. We will come again. And then he came inside and there was a good conversation. But clearly also.. I then said why it is I for him also better liked in order to take that leap. Also from RTL.”

He wants nothing lost about the reaction of Tan during the interview.

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