France dismantles platform on darknet

065b77037d9216039e2571ff7d7e53ca - France dismantles platform on darknet

PARIS – The French customs has a illegal online marketplace on the so-called darknet rolled up. The forum, known as the Black Hand, offered over two years forbidden products and services to purchase. Reports that the French ministry of budget.

On the site, which could include drugs, weapons, false documents and stolen bank account information to be traded. “The discovery of this platform is a national first,” said Budget minister Gérald Darmanin.

During raids in several places, the root administrator of the site, and other people arrested. Detectives had earlier access to the server of the forum and a lot of data sure. The ministry described the Black Hand as one of the most important illegal platforms that are active on the darknet in France. From initial studies found that more than 3,000 people were registered.

On the darknet, internet users can almost completely anonymous to occur. This part of the internet is used by people who value privacy or who are in a repressive political system lives, but also by criminals. Access is possible via anonimiseringssoftware.

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