Fourth child gave Ne-Yo anxious moments

e927833eb32e81498e91bd9b23c0fa69 - Fourth child gave Ne-Yo anxious moments

Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal have Thursday anxious moments. Their son, Roman, had to be rushed to be born, ” wrote Crystal Saturday on Instagram.

“I had a strong birth plan and I was determined to get it on my way to do it. But God apparently had other plans,” wrote Crystal in a picture in which the small in her arms. After a routine check-up was Ne-Yo’s wife rushed to the hospital. “Less than an hour later I lay on the operating table.”

It did not go well with the small Novel. “He had to be removed, otherwise feared doctors the worst”, wrote Crystal, which is about “the scariest moments ever”.

Roman Alexander-Raj Smith came Thursday afternoon in the world. “He is there and he is healthy. We are so happy!” The boy is the second child for Ne-Yo and Crystal, from a previous relationship, the singer have a daughter and a son.

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