Famous Glasgow School of Art destroyed by fire

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The Glasgow School of Art, one of the most iconic buildings of Scotland, has been destroyed by a heavy fire. Four years ago, fell off the building even though at the mercy of the flames.

There were no injuries, but damage to the famous building seems very large. Local residents were evacuated. A large rookzuil is miles and miles away visible.

Also the concert hall and night club O2 ABC Glasgow, who was behind the art school is located, sustained heavy damage. More than 120 firefighters were deployed, but were the fire itself Saturday morning is still not completely under control. It is not clear what the fire has caused.

‘This is a particularly complex fire, but the response and professionalism of our fire department is extraordinary, ” says fire chief Iain Bushell. ‘The fire will still take a long time’.

Art Nouveau

The main building of the Glasgow School of Art is a design of the Scottish architect Rennie Meckintosh (1868-1928), one of the most important representatives of the Art Nouveau movement. The protected building dates back to 1909.

In 2014, the building was once destroyed by a fire. The building would be in 2019 again open, but Friday night was again in flames. Eyewitnesses say that the new fire is much heavier than the previous one.


The Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon hustle and bustle all its horror on the inferno. The British government let all know that they are willing to put the school in financial or in any other way to help.

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