Edwin Rutten and Wieteke van Dort look forward to Barbapapa

ba6213aac37c914572b0a00eb920ed8c - Edwin Rutten and Wieteke van Dort look forward to Barbapapa

Edwin Rutten and Wieteke van Dort are curious about the new series Barbapapa. In the seventies they were involved in the Dutch version of children’s television, who next year made a comeback at Nick Jr. The first images according to the two promising.

“Any, I really loved it,” says Edwin for the camera of the ANP after seeing the first new images. “Sometimes, you have to agree that cartoons of the past, now what armoediger have become, with the eye on cost, but this looks fantastic.” Wieteke is directly merry, of Barbapapa. “That is nice, that color.”

That viewers will happily be of Barbapapa is according to the duo, the strength of the series. “You’re always so surprised; what will happen now? What will happen? What roll will they now create? In what form do they change? That is masterfully conceived,” thinks Edwin. “And of course the colors. They all have a different color and each has a separate type. That is also the smart of the series, then you can go a lot of different things to do to make it interesting to the children.”

Edwin Rutten


According to Wieteke, the Barbapapa’s also anno 2019 score because they are “so sweet”. “It is sweet and fun and funny and children can identify with. A Walt Disney movie bored.”

The two cherish warm memories of the children’s television series. “That record, that is always so cozy with each other,” says Edwin. “I have that series recorded with Aart Staartjes and Marijke Merckens. With z’n threes, we did them all, all the figures! It was any to do.” Wieteke sang the songs and found that, in its turn, “any to do.” She worked for Barbapapa, together with many acquaintances. “It was all very familiar and very cozy.”


What adventures the Barbapapa’s from next year on Nick Jr. experience, is not yet known. But it is clear that the happy family with the time goes: the children are given a tablet. “That was in our time unthinkable, we still had regular phones,” says Wieteke. It gives the Barbapapa’s. “A tablet, I have myself, I think it’s great. Especially games, lovely.”

According to Edwin, it is “logical” that the tablet makes its appearance in children’s television of yesteryear. “It is logical that you with your time of service. It must also, which is nice.” He wishes the new Barbapapa’s “a lot of success in the next season.” “Huup, huup, Barbatruc!”

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