Each year, Aalst is not by

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A line through the account of the organizers of Marktrock Aalst: Friday the event was completely canceled. No Marktrock Aalst during the last weekend of June. Organize an event at the start of the summer holidays, it is a bold undertaking, especially this year. Traditionally, many families that weekend with the children to step on and as a reward for a good report, a lot of people are leaving already on holiday and, in addition, this year also the world cup. Each year, Aalst found in previous years, in August, this year, the organiser decided the event to June to move and that was not a good decision. Last year had Over Aalst a topaffiche and there were about 10,000 people to the festival, that level could the organizers not this year, because a lot of Flemish artists/groups this year, no festivals. Those who have already purchased the tickets, will receive soon a mail with all the practical info about the refund.

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