Dreaded talibanleider Fazlullah killed

a064a196b978cc36164bbdfbce8f4989 - Dreaded talibanleider Fazlullah killed

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani Friday the death confirmed the Pakistani talibanleider Maulana Fazlullah. He was Wednesday in Afghanistan killed by a drone of the US army.

Fazlullah was involved in the assassination attempt on Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani who bekendraakte for her fight to get more girls access to education.

‘His death is the result of the tireless search for information of the Afghan security forces, ” said Ghani. The US military carried out the attack on June 13, in Kunar province, on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Fazlullah, in 1976, was born and became known when he, in 2004, an underground radio station founded in the Swatvallei to his fundamentalist and anti-western ideas to spread. With his warriors he took in 2009 the Swatvallei in. He introduced the sharia law in and resisted against poliovaccinaties – which, according to him a jewish and christian conspiracy to get the muslims to cause damage to the.

He also showed girls ‘ schools to close. In 2012 ordered Fazlullah to the attack on Malala, the later winner of the Nobel prize for Peace. They had spoken out against closing the schools.

The talibanleider is also associated with several bloody attacks in Pakistan. In addition, he would be behind the failed attack with a bomauto in 2010 in Times Square in New York sit.

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