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Digital ID’s based Tangle on IOTA’s to come this year

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The Tangle of technology from IOTA is regarded in the industry as a pioneering and promising investment in the world is tested by some projects. At the beginning of February of this year, IOTA has entered into a partnership with Taipei, the Vision of a “Smart City” into reality. One of these technical innovations, the introduction of a digital ID.

As we already reported, aiming for the capital of Taiwan since the beginning of February of this year to be with the help of the Tangle of technology IOTA, the Smart City of the future. In the remote release, a whole series of visions, including the creation of a digital citizen’s card stuck.

With the help of the TangleID card the risk of choice, and identity theft will be eliminated to a Scam. Furthermore, it should be possible to save on the TangleID health data of the citizens, as well as government-related services safely and in compliance with the data protection.

Another project is the “Airbox” to develop with the aim of air sensors, temperature, moisture, light and environmental pollution. The obtained Airbox-data should be integrated in real time in the IOTA Marketplace. The information technology Department of the city works together with the Startup BiiLabs.

Jim Huang, developer at BiiLabs, in a Tweet that the digital ID be used:

For Wei-Bin Lee, the official Representative for the information technology of the city is the basis for further developments in this area in this pioneering project (freely translated):

Since Taipei City always thinks with foresight and the technology of IOTA uses, this partnership is a strategic step to the Era of smart cities to usher in for the citizens of Taipei.

Taipei is not the only city that drives such innovation. In the Middle East the city of Dubai wants to be by 2020 a Smart City through the intelligent use of the Blockchain technology. The city wants to get rid of all kinds of paperwork and information about licenses, certifications, and basic books on the Blockchain to save. In addition, it is expected that most processes can be carried out in connection with visa applications, payments, and other government services in the future, completely paperless.

In the course of IOTA recorded within the last 24 hours with a price decline of – 6,55 per cent on a price of 1.03 euros. With a market capitalization of just under 2.8 billion euros IOTA currencies continue to place 9 of the biggest Crypto.

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