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Bitcoin is a bubble? Price increase, Top 10, & power consumption of Bitcoin

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The last weeks of turbulent and eventful at the same time. Many courses of various crypto-currencies have presented a bullish rally, the unnatural Hype and price increase, and thus the history of a crypto bubble, suspect.

A Comparison of the Bitcoin bubble with the Dot Com Bubble shows that the crypto market in this direct comparison, finally, is still far from the actual Crash. We have to Instagram a cool and, in our view, the appropriate comparison is found:

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Even if we are already at a slightly more advanced (513 billion$ $ instead of 340$ billion), it is still a long way to the 10-trillion-dollar brand. Many financial experts have said in the past that the crypto market is still very small and the technology is in its infancy.

The block chain technology is a Revolution in the financial system and can have far-reaching branches at the end have a positive impact on many more business. Unlike the dot-com phenomenon of crypto-bring currencies, from our point of view, of immense value. Both large companies as well as smaller companies and private investors can benefit from it.

Price movements in the Top 10

At the time of writing, all the currencies of the Top 10 are in an upward trend. After the price of Bitcoin yesterday eingebüst of nearly 700 euros, he seems to have a rest again today.

Ethereum is risen the last days strong and placed well above the 600€mark. The next weeks will show whether the steep increase can be continued.

Bitcoin is Cash, and Dash, Bitcoin, Gold and Monero are also shown a positive Trend.

Especially Ripple, Litecoin and NEM have an incredibly strong rise in the last week. It remains to be seen whether it can keep the Coins on the new level, or a corresponding correction follows.

Power consumption of Bitcoin

Often Bitcoin is lynched due to his huge power consumption in the media and as a power-eater. Recent findings show, however, that Bitcoin consumes less power than the Printing or Producing of money.

According to a comparison of Bitcoin to consume-Miner CA. 8,27 terawatt-hours for the continuous operation of your Hardware. The printing of money consumes per year is about 11 terawatt hours, whereas the Mining of Gold 132 Terra watt-hours consumed per year and significantly higher than the Rest.

Nevertheless, should not be denied at this point that the power consumption of Bitcoin is too high. For this reason, but there are plenty of good Alternatives (Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA), which consume far less energy.

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