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Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto of the CIA and NSA unmasked?

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The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) of the United States of America might have data about Satoshi Nakamoto, the uncover the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin. As Motherboard reported, has given the CIA a request under the freedom of information act (FOIA) by an employee of the portal, a response that allows the exposure of suspect.

In the report it is stated that Daniel’s upper house, the Journalist has received with the Motherboard of the CIA for a response to know in the CIA is neither “confirm nor deny” who Satoshi Nakamoto is. This type of response is referred to in the USA as a “Glomar response”. The CIA is famous for use this turn, to avoid the publication of information about open investigations. The conclusion of the house of lords is translated (freely):

So, if the government actually knows who Nakamoto is not interested too much in mind to share this information.

The upper house, efforts of the investigation of Blogger Alexander Muse, the alleged 2016, that the National Security Agency (NSA) know the true identity of Nakamoto to follow.

While Satoshi Nakamoto is taken according to the Muse with the utmost care, to keep his identity a secret, he “has used the latest encryption and obfuscation techniques in his messages”. Nevertheless, Nakamoto, I made a mistake, he was so difficult to know in advance. The mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, wrote thousands of Posts and E-Mails about Bitcoin, most of which are accessible to the public.

According to Muses Blog, the NSA used already in 2016 “Stilo test” to reveal the Bitcoin Creator. The NSA was in the position of Satoshi’s writings, with trillions of writing samples from people all over the world. First of all, by PRISM, a court-approved access to Google and Yahoo user accounts, and later by the MUSCULAR, which the NSA used to copy data flows across fiber-optic cable, had managed the exposure in less than a month, by the NSA, compared to the millions of E-Mails and data with the writings of Nakamoto.

Muse claims to continue to have about his source found out that the reason for these efforts is the fact that the Obama was concerned government, that Satoshi is an Agent of Russia or China. In this respect, Muse writes (freely translated):

The knowledge of the source would help the management to understand the motives. As far as I can tell, Satoshi violated no laws and I have no idea whether the NSA found that he was an Agent of Russia or China or just a Japanese crypto-Hacker.

Also, Muse does not know, in spite of its source, so who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Nevertheless, the presumption is on the basis of the new knowledge thanks to the house of lords close, that at least the NSA and the CIA know the true identity of the inventor of Bitcoin. Whether it be a Person or a group of people is that Bitcoin has created, as well as the question of “Who?” remains for the Public, but remains one of the biggest secrets in the world of crypto-currencies.

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