Afghans celebrations during cease-fire

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KABUL – Dozens of unarmed Talibanstrijders are Saturday, the Afghan capital, Kabul entered to the cease-fire and the end of ramadan to celebrate. According to the police to embrace the military and the militants together and make their joint selfies.

A man sells balloons on the occasion of the end of Ramadan in the Afghan city of Kabul.

The Taliban had surprisingly a cease-fire of three days was proclaimed, during the sugar feast that lasts for three days. The truce follows an announcement earlier this week of the Afghan armed forces until 20 June, no more actions to take action against the Taliban.

The Taliban have Kabul coming in through the ports in the south and southeast. “They are unarmed, as their weapons at the inputs handed over”, said a politiewoordvoerder of Kabul. “Their weapons will be returned when they leave,” he said to Reuters news agency.


Videos and photos on news sites show cheerful soldiers and the Taliban that are mutually embraced each other and become a blessed Character needs in the provinces of Logar, Zabul and Maidan Wardak. Some danced and clapped when spectators took pictures with their smartphones.

The Afghan secretary of state for Home Affairs Masood Azizi said that the cease-fire in the whole country is controlled. “Fortunately, there are no attacks”, he said.

The governors of Helmand, Kandahar and Zabul, said that both parties to the cease-fire and that there is 24 hours long no reports of violence have been.

President Ashraf Ghani said Friday the hope that the cease-fire would make for a longer ceasefire and called on the Taliban to the negotiating table to take place.

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