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Addiction: the Scottish hospital cared for crypto-junkies

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In Scotland, a rehab clinic has increased its clientele: in addition to the usual Suspects who want to get their drugs – or gambling consumption in the handle, there is now crypto addicted a focal point for the treatment of their Addiction.

Trade with crypto currencies can be addictive. This is the view of the Doctors of the Castle Craig Hospital in the Scottish County of Peebleshire, at least. The addiction expert Tony Marini sees the hunt on the digital money as a Form of gambling addiction:

“Crypto-Addicts place bets on rising or falling prices, as a player, the bets on the roulette table. Who is doing the main occupation (in the crypto stock exchange or in the Casino), is endangered in less addiction. Who does that but secretly at home, the can grow, the lure of a high profit quickly on the head.“

Unlike many alcohol – or drug sick, you could not see the crypto-Addicts, his Addiction to the tip of the nose, Marini. He does not think that the game is looking for the most dangerous of all:

“I know three people who have killed themselves because of their gambling addiction. Studies have shown that the suicide rate for gambling addicts is higher than for all other Addicts. You need a large amount of money and drag their families the last shirt […].“

Marini speaks from experience: He was even game for many years – and a cocaine addict, until he made a withdrawal, and therapist training.

His colleague, Chris Burn describes, however, the appeal of the crypto market is at risk of addiction to exercise:

“The high-risk business with crypto-currencies is for game addicts attractive. It is exciting and allows for an escape from reality. The Bitcoin was traded, for example, where huge gains and losses were made. It is a classic bubble.“

How the Addiction manifests

On the Homepage of Castle Craig Hospital, a list of References to a crypto addiction close. Anyone who is addicted, to fulfill some or all of the following twelve points:

  • Time and money are invested fully in the Online Trading
  • financial problems
  • in order to make losses, you invested more and more money
  • it is constantly borrowed money from families and friends to get the Addiction to maintain
  • the firm Belief that the big win is imminent
  • the Pledge of personal belongings for investment capital
  • his losses in front of friends and family talk small
  • Mood swings and feeling of hopelessness; depression
  • the constant thought of the next Investment
  • Restlessness or irritability when trying to the Trade to allow or restrict
  • best ride to have a Problem
  • many unsuccessful Attempts, with the trade ceasing

The rehab clinic has specially set up a Department for the – literal – crypto-junkies. This makes them the world’s first clinic with such an offer. The treatment is based on the Twelve-step program, for example, is also a member of alcoholics Anonymous. Add to this the findings from the Cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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