Wilfred Genee: ’VI Orange is not logical’

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It is for Wilfred Genee is still very finding the right balance between transmissions with and without Johan Derksen and René van der Jibe at VI Oranje remain at home. According to the presenter, is the difference in between life-size.

Wilfred Genee

“We are now three days busy and I’m looking for somewhat the balance to the broadcasts without those two. In pace, humor, and content,” said Wilfred in the Volkskrant. “That is why We indicated that we this program is not logical, but RTL wanted it per se. And since RTL is always to be a good employer, we are neatly on our contract. Perhaps hopes to RTL that we fight and our co-operation to blow up, so Veronica is nothing to us,” he laughs.

“From fear to afgezeken to be, dare guests not to slide when Johan and René sat down to the table”, goes to Wilfred further. “We are a bit the black sheep of the televisiefamilie. Everyone is embarrassed for us. It is funny that all kinds of television makers say not to look, but then about specific situations begin. It is a guilty pleasure of them.”

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