Victoria Koblenko is looking for help

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Where media such as Facebook and Instagram nowadays is mainly used for the sharing of edited images and fantastic stories, clear Victoria Koblenko is the medium today for the actual social aspect.

Victoria Koblenko

“Your child is bitten at the nursery. Parents with experience, what to do?” ask Koblenko. “I hear different sounds. Biting at that age is not aggressive, so ff. But the tempers in our family walk high on, because I would not want that this behaviour is copied.”

Her story turns out to be very recognizable for its followers. “I have exactly the same phase here at home! Am distraught!”, writes a woman. “Now is the bite, when he is at school is the spitting and cursing. The are phases. Again and again explain that it should not”, responds another. ”It remains difficult such things, but I also say, let it go. Just trust that the leaders there is a right way to have gone. But I can understand that here ” a mother’s heart begins to speak. You don’t want someone your child hurts.” Fortunately, there is also still room for humor: “Hannibal snapped, then got a mask!”

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