US to separate almost 2000 children of parents

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WASHINGTON – Since the introduction of a stricter policy in the middle of april, almost two thousand children of refugees, who illegally from Mexico to the US are received, separated from their parents. That report American media on the basis of figures from the U.s. department of homeland Security (DHS).

The American government introduced the focus in to mothers to scare their children on the dangerous trek to the U.S. to start. All the people who are illegally entering the country is now considered a criminal, labeled and secured. Their children may not remain and come under the auspices of the ministry of Health.

The policy is under heavy criticism in the US.

Zero tolerance

The stricter “zero tolerance” policy was april 19, introduced. Until 31 may, the DHS 1995 children who were taken away from their parents because who are persecuted. The number has risen sharply with the previous period. Between October 2016 and February this year there were 1800 cases. In total now to almost four thousand children elsewhere are collected.

The DHS did not provide information on the age of the children, but stated that babies not their parents are separated.

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