’Upskirting’ is just not a crime in England

b73d3b81c24878164a0ffc0fd742f5fe - ’Upskirting’ is just not a crime in England

LONDON – An initiative of the unwanted photographing of a person ’below the belt’ in England and Wales to establish as criminal offences, has stumbled about a single voice. A conservative member of parliament called for ’against’ and blocked, hence, a change in the law that on the so-called ’upskirting’ to two years ‘ imprisonment would come to be.

The action of sir Christopher Chope led to outrage among his colleagues who loudly proclaimed that it was a shame.

There is already laws against voyeurism, or obscenity. But the prosecution of such types of mobile phones under a dress maneuver, was according to the initiators until now legally impossible because the law is not on this new form of harassment is set.

The British government supported, according to minister of Justice, Lucy Frazer, the initiative of the Liberal-Democratic member of parliament Wera Hobhouser. She was with others, launched a campaign for stricter legislation to your body and privacy to better protect against intrusive figures with cameras or mobile phones.

The amendment is not entirely out of the job because there are other possibilities for the initiative in the discussion.

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