Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 24

c2fb3ea3d7181097fa8e609894e0d2d4 - Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 24

The six singles this week outside of this chart are Stef Bos and “River of time”, “my own way” of Lissa Lewis, Niels Destadsbader and “Tokyo”, “Heidi” by Matthias Lens, Ive & Margriet of the netherlands and “The world keeps on turning” and, finally, Danny De Roover with his “Heart of gold”.

“Take me” by Jo Vally is new on 49. After four weeks disappeared, the “First love” of Molly, but that is all the way back to 46. Torsten “Late summer” at 43. The Romeo’s to say “Wow!” at 35. Tom Waes is doing with “Dva Vodka” on his Russian excellent, and that provides him with the number 22 on it. The highest new entry at 19 is “Dance with the devils” by DJ Yolotanker.

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