Traffic jams Lil Small on debut Pinkpop

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“No Lil Small provisional”, had presenter Eric Corton for the visitors in the waiting room at half past four this afternoon to tell you. The rapper stood in the queue in the direction of the Limburg Landgraaf and started this more than twenty minutes late to his performance.

Lil Small still had double the honor at the Pinkpop festival. The young man made his own debut at the three-day. In addition, he was allowed to the Mainstage to open this 49th edition. That he did still, but hard to leave. Extra unfortunate for the visitors who specially came to. The rest of the crowd on the big field enjoyed without complain but just a little longer of the delicious rays of the sun.

Once on the spot, and began the Small Blind excited to be feestuur. Hit paper route was even used with a flaming guitar solo! Further, it was one big dancehallfestijn, where secretly a lot of hips on started. Musically, it was for more -usually rockgeorienteerde – Pinkpoppers fine than substance, because it may be a time about something else than money and women? Next time, please!

Pinkpop boss Jan Smeets underwent at the end of may a heavy heart surgery, but spoke to the crowd prior to Small’s action as if it were the most normal thing in the world was here, now already in its appearance. He told proudly the contract to go sign with which the festival was still twenty years in Landgraaf. However, he thanked the two doctors who took care that he could join us. It is also his 49th edition.

Later today still performances are scheduled of the BAND, Snow Patrol, and finally, valve is Pearl Jam. The Telegraph is doing the whole weekend report.

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