Tightly wound altercation between the spokesperson Trump and journalists

That Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the spokesman of the White House, to ask some questions about the immigratiepolitiek of president Donald Trump tried to do with a reference to the Bible, without going into the heart of the matter, caused quite a lot of irritations among the journalists and led to a tightly wound argument.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders received Thursday a number of questions about statements of ministry of housing of Justice Jeff Sessions, who had said that the controversial approach of immigrants to the U.s. borders – with young children of their parents can be separated – is consistent with what the Bible says. Families apart is not uncommon, according to Sessions, but just a legal issue. To strengthen arguments referring Sessions to the apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans says that everyone is the authority of the government must recognise ‘because there is no authority that is not of God, also the current authority is instituted by God’.

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