Thousands of responses after NPO-item disabled guests

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Radio 2-dj Wouter van der Goes, for the last two days flooded with reactions to the result of a conversation about the lack of disabled people in the media. The conversation took Wednesday night place as a result of a call of NOS-newsreader Matijn Nijhuis, who was born with cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy).

KRO-NCRV-DJ Wouter van der Goes.

Nijhuis was surprised that there are not more people with a physical disability in the media. He did this after he had read that ten percent of all Dutch people with a physical disability. “There are 1.7 million people who are not self-evident in the media”, says Nijhuis. “If you want to continue to watch and listen, then you should let them join.” He refers inter alia to the BBC, that actively seeks disabled people in the media, able and willing to work.

Van der Goes, read the comments and spoke in the broadcast Nijhuis. “We have that conversation is really a chord had been touched,” the Radio 2 dj. “I’ve never seen so many reactions: per Twitter, sms and e-mail. I was there this morning literally at the bakery on appeal. Thousands of people who let you know that they recognize this and that they want to change things.”

Not whining

The NPO icon is that Nijhuis is the problem constructive approach. “Non-disabled people do not understand how great the frustration is, and how easy it is to solve”, explains Van der Goes. “Whining has no meaning. It is better to have the law in their own hands to take and to show where disabled people stand for and what they can do.”

The dj is now in consultation with the broadcaster KRO-NCRV for the topic wider attention. So the network is No Limits, that young people with a disability helps to make first steps in the world of media, more active work of this particular group. Also hopes to Van der Goes that the NPO and politics respond to the call of Nijhuis.

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