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The thing with the Monero Malware Mining

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Monero is once again in connection with illegal activities in the headlines. However, the technology itself is value-neutral. What needs to be done, if at all?

How the Palo Alto Networks writes, at least 5 percent of the Moneros from the Malware Mining. That is, the computing power needed for the computation of Proof-of-Work, was stolen.

When one reads such headlines, one usually gets negative feelings. Finally, we would like to on his property, no trespassers. If your Computer is infected with a Virus, you feel disturbed in his Person and privacy and abused.

These negative emotions spill over rapidly to the Associated on – in this case, the Cryptocurrency Monero (XMR).

The Neutrality of a technology

In the last 200 years, humanity has experienced several technical revolutions, of industrialization on the discovery of penicillin, to nuclear power and the Internet. These developments have made people more productive and the standard of living in the society increased. That means that we live in today is significantly more comfortable than our great-grandfathers did.

However, it is made possible by the progress of Evil: the million Dead of the two world wars, the dangers of the atomic bomb, the mass surveillance and data retention by government secret services, and much more.

These examples show that the technology is a medal with two sides. You can use it for Good, in order to improve the life or you can use it for Evil, to kill and to destroy. In General, however, it is always so, that the technology itself is neutral. It is man that fills you with meaning.

The same is true of currencies with Crypto – is another child of the technological (R)Evolution. The digital money can be used for good and bad purposes.

Why Malware Mining is a crime

Malware Mining is kidnapped virtually the infected Computer and steals in this way, the computing performance. Since this is without the consent and against the will of the legitimate owner, this is an illegal activity. Comparable would be the miners, the forced is, in the pit to toil.

The difference is that the Computer will be forced to work instead of people. However, in both cases, property rights – namely, either the Person itself or on your Computer. Because of this violation of the property rights of Malware (Mining) is a crime.

But you don’t notice that the blame for this crime is up to the Good in question. Finally, the Good or the technology is, as already explained, is neutral. The fault lies with the Person who violated the property rights of another. Property rights, so the victim has a right to retribution against the offender.

The Malware is Mining XMR, the matter is complicated, however, because you can not identify the perpetrators.

What do you know about Monero Malware Mining

The Report of the Palo Alto Networks gives some interesting indications can, however, do not provide a complete picture of the Situation. This is partly due to the anonymizing features of Monero.

To analyze only a part of the illegal Mining Malware, namely the programmes, picking up the Tool, WildFire Malware Analysis. Browser Mining is not, for example, represents. Furthermore, only nine Mining Pools have cooperated with Palo Alto Networks. Malware, the dig, regardless, is not represented in the statistics. So only a lower limit for Malware Mining for Monero.

A deeper insight into the analysis of the Payouts of the analyzed Wallet addresses are allowed, however. A certain amount of Pareto distribution suggests that there is less mining as a percent of the over 2,300 all analyzed addresses a lot of the Monero. The Top 3 addresses have nearly 30 percent of the total Payouts. Only 16 addresses scraped over 10,000 XMR. 45 per cent of all addresses were given less than a Euro.

The Payouts to the Top 10 addresses that are associated with Malware Mining – analyzed by Palo Alto Networks

The obvious conclusion is that a few of the actors for much of the illegal activity.

Another result of the research of the Palo Alto Networks, the Malware, at certain times of the Day switches on or off. It concludes that the Malware is adapted either to the use of the user or, in some places concentrated. So the UPS and Downs could thus come to pass that many users turn off their Computer overnight.

The daily fluctuating Hashrate of a Malware Miners

It shows that the hackers are creative in the programming of their malicious software.

How can you protect yourself against the illegal Mining?

The most effective way against the illegal activities of hackers proceed, is for his own safety. In analogy to one’s own home: In General, each has a door and is provided with a lock so that not everyone can enter.

It had neither door nor lock, would be a collapse considerably more likely. According to the Motto: “opportunity makes the thief”. Of course, the burglar would still be a violation of property rights, but perhaps not surprisingly, such a RAID would not be.

You’re in for your Computer that is responsible

Just as we secure our homes and cars with locks, we should also protect our Computer against intrusion. Especially since the hackers are so found. The Chance of retribution and compensation is negligible.

The best solution is to understand that everyone has a responsibility for the protection of his property. Specifically, this means that you pay attention to the safety of his computer, a virus program installed and up to date. With a current Anti-virus program malicious software can be identified and eliminated. A common Problem is that users keep their Software up-to-date or even not protect.

The state must intervene?

Keyword “Cyber Crime”. It is not the duty of the state to ensure personal safety? Especially when it comes to Hacker attacks – “could be from anywhere.” Should Monero be banned completely?

First of all, it should be noted that a ban solves no Problem. On the one hand, it is already now in the case of Malware, an illegal activity, on the other hand, Monero is a neutral technology. Just as the state of the locks for the house and car, he should take care of the security of our Computer.

Would the state of Online security take care of, would be the Argument not widely used, that people are still careless with their property deal. Finally, the responsibility is outsourced and you would have someone you could complain to.

The real Problem lies deeper: We all use day-to-day Computer, but few actually understand what goes on behind the screen in front of you. Who can program? The schools are mostly built on the Prussian model, and have neglected the digitization. Media skills you need to acquire.

Taking responsibility is not easy, but it is a fundamental part of adulthood and the individual’s sovereignty. Therefore: ensure that your Computer is safe!

The Monero Use-Case

If the Malware Mining proves something, then the usefulness of the private crypto-currency. A good money must be fungible. The fact that the analysis of the Palo Alto Networks only through the cooperation with Mining Pools came about, speaks for the privacy of the Monero Ecosystem. The Blockchain itself is non-transparent. You can’t analyze.

Criminals are often the first to discover the benefits of a technology. The Otto normal consumer usually has the necessary incentives. However, the use of Monero in the Dark Web and Cryptocurrency of choice for Malware Mining emphasizes the Use-Case: It is a private, digital, decentralized money.

It is not the fault of Monero is that it is illegally mined. Just as little as Gold, coal or diamond “evil”, because you can make it by forced labour, to dismantle. The Criminal is the violation of the property rights.

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