The Pinkpop festival begins with the serving of Pearl Jam

ebd18cc2a2c126ef3a0e1611546b543f - The Pinkpop festival begins with the serving of Pearl Jam

Today there is the return, after years of drink, of Snow Patrol. How is the BAND doing on the big stage? But the 49th edition of the Pinkpop festival is today mainly kicked off by Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam

In 1992, stood the Americans for the first time on the stage of the Hilly, three-day and wrote when direct history. Frontman Eddie Vedder popped up from a camera crane from a great height into the audience. An equally legendary Pinkpop-time as the beer that was caught by the lead singer of John Coffey in 2015, and the earthquake that was caused in 1994 by Rage Agains The Machine.

Pearl Jam was last Tuesday and Wednesday in Ziggo Dome. Fans wait in the meantime on the new studio album of the grungerockers. The hope was that this summer would appear, but more recently, the band announced that the recordings only after the current European tour will take place. However, appeared earlier this year, a new single, Can’t deny me. The three Dutch gigs this week are, fortunately, a pretty sop.

Except Pearl Jam is also the name Snow Patrol on the poster of today. The story is well known, about seven years ago, Gary Lightbody full of enthusiasm and good cheer on a new album, but bumped into a writersblock, that he then five years and try to drown. But it must be said: with success! New album Wildness contained some old-fashioned-sounding Snow Patrol-crackers. A visual confirmation that everything is going well with Gary it would today, however, are fine.

Furthermore, the timetable of the first day of the 49th Pinkpop few guarantees. By Blaudzun is usually fine place to be. With the BAND also, but the question is whether the rockgeorienteerde crowd on the local people. And the same goes for Lil Small. The young rapper today must peers to Landgraaf lure and may first the Mainstage. But very curious to know what the Pearl Jam fans will find his performance…

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