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‘Stock trader Flow Traders think about the cryptomunten’

2c29961658ec2ca3604eb28f6b6af724 - 'Stock trader Flow Traders think about the cryptomunten'

Beursintermediair Flow Traders is looking seriously at the opportunities to trade in cryptovaluta to facilitate. That has a co-CEO Dennis Miller told news channel BNR.

Dijkstra says that the company has for a while with the cryptomunt is in progress. “A large portion of the market is unregulated, so we want to be careful. You have a lot of different ways that you can act.”

According to the ceo of Flow Traders, developments very rapidly. “The market is more professional than many people think. There are platforms where hundreds or thousands of people to work.”

Problem is, according to Dijkstra it is difficult in a box character of cryptovaluta. “The regulators all have a different approach and a different interest. Whether it is a commodity, a stock or a currency goes, brings very different legislation.”

Flow Traders is to own say, in consultation with the supervisors about the possibilities. “We want to do it carefully step by step and really drop.”


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