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Stir in the football association: General Assembly royal belgian football association agrees chairman Linard road

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Stir during the Statutory General Meeting of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association). That was Friday night interrupted after an interpellation of eleven Flemish clubs, who have not can live with that back Gérard Linard despite reaching the maximum age of 75 years, a year longer, the power would remain. Eventually, 61,75 per cent of the members against decision of Executive Committee to mandate as chairman Linard to extend.

The Executive Committee (UC), the supreme body within the belgian football association, adopted on 29 march that Linard until 2019 back would remain. However, had Linard, François De Keersmaecker afloste after a putsch of the Pro League and the ACFF (French-speaking wing of the union), this year the maximum age of 75 years. In principle, he had its mandate to resign at the end of the season.

Eleven Flemish clubs (Eendracht Aalst White Star Schoonbeek-Beverst, ESK Leopoldsburg, Sporting FC Haren, White Star Desselgem, Zandvliet Sport, Cavities-Mopertingen, Racing Peer, Lindeboys Sporty Leut, KVVV Zepperen-Brustem and Sportkring Aalst) held an interpellation during the last General Meeting of the season to the issue. Master Lambeets, described the decision of the UC “a violation of its own regulations”.

“The rules are the rules and should by anyone to be respected”, argued Lambeets. “Linard an exception grant is also an infringement on the principle of equality between the committee members. Others had also like to take this exception enjoyed, but she had not.”


The UC motivated the decision to the mandate of Linard above the age limit of 75 years, lifting it by stating that that the stability and continuity of the bond would benefit. “But where is that in the rules? The UC relies on article B231.31. But if it is for anything and everything relying on the UC all-powerful body that every decision can push through even if it is in violation of its own regulations. Then we can make the rules better in the garbage bin to throw,” said Lambeets.

Lambeets asked for a secret ballot. “If we let this pass, is that a free ticket to any decision just to take.” The decision of the UC can at best be disposed of, but can not ensure that Linard, deposited as back.

Also notable: member of the Executive Committee Mehdi Bayat tried to intervene. “We are attacked”, said Bayat, then he mouth was gagged. “You know that you are not allowed to speak, because you have made the decision”, riposteerde master Lambeets. Royal belgian football association-board members Gilbert Timmermans, president of Football Flanders, and Charles Vanwesenbeeck threatened even the meeting to leave. Also Hannes D’Hope, advisor of Club Brugge, followed. His intervention was ironic applause by the amateur clubs.

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