Socialemediaoverzicht: Ariana hint at betrothal and spicy video Doutzen

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What has well-known home and abroad this week done in the free hours? Every week place an overview of the best photos and messages that the stars of the past week have shared.

In a relationship, single and in a new relationship: for some people it takes some time to get over a break-up, but Ariana Grande has no problem with this. The singer had a good two year relationship with rapper Mac Miller, broke that and I instantly had a new friend.

That pace seem to Ariana and Pete Davidson show up to the keep; the two would become engaged. Although a photo of an engagement ring is still missing, on social media, according to fans enough hints to assume that it is true. Wrote Ariana several messages in a row that they are so happy and everyone loves and she said to singer Camilla Cabello, which they regularly her ‘wife’, and that it was time for a conversation, then the two ‘scheidingsonderhandelingen’ started.

you keep the kids I’LL be keeping the cannolis @camila_cabello thank you


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17:46 – June 12, 2018

Slim Patty

Of Patty Brard’s already been announced a while ago that they have a stomach reduction has had, but this week her followers on Instagram really to see what effect that has had. Where the presenter, a long time, took selfies, and here and there some pictures where they are fully on, we see Patty this week multiple times in her whole. The compliments fly the diva to the ears: followers find that the 63-year-old former singer beautiful/wonderful/good/younger.


Anouk is on holiday, in an unknown place, and is happy. The 43-year-old singer shared earlier this week on Instagram a photo of himself and Dominque, the father of her youngest child, while she enjoyed the sun. That picture is now, for some unknown reason, removed, but the feeling remains. Now she shares a short video in which she says nothing, just blissful faces the camera, while she is on the breast of her friend.


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