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SEC-chief Jay Clayton: “I expect that people will follow our rules.”

73bd618843f84a5ff11b4d64a4c8e25a - SEC-chief Jay Clayton: "I expect that people will follow our rules."

Jay Clayton, the Chairman of the American regulatory Agency, the SEC, has commented Once again on the topic of crypto-currencies. At the Event, “Investing In America”, which was organised by the SEC, reaffirmed Clayton, that you would like to stick to the tried-and-tested regulation of tokens and ICOs.

On Wednesday, the 13th. June, invited the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) in the site office in Atlanta to a Townhall Meeting. This Format is operating in the USA, especially in political life, as well as in the choice not to fight uncommon. This representative of a party or of an Institution, a set, or several in an open round of questions from the interested visitors. In the on Wednesday is scheduled to Meet the Commissioner Kara Stein, Michael Piwowar, Robert Jackson and Hester Peirce were, besides Chairman Jay Clayton also present.

In addition to questions relating to the protection of investors, for example through clear rules against fraudulent Investment practices were interested, of course, also questions about crypto-currencies. It was not only about the regulation of crypto-currencies and ICOs, but also to the Potential of the Blockchain technology.

Pulling innovative technologies from the USA?

An Asker provides, for example, the pioneering role of the USA in terms of Innovation. So he poses the question of how the SEC intends to keep the Blockchain-companies, the move to Overseas, in the country. To do this, clear guidelines are needed that describe what you promise of the technology. Clayton stresses the “incredible promise” to the Blockchain for the future of the securities trade and industry. He particularly emphasizes the reduction of costs through the Blockchain, including the costs for the verification.

Then Clayton repeated, once again, the attitude of the SEC to the Initial Coin Offerings. The Blockchain will increasingly be used for Fundraising purposes, which is why a focus of the authority. You’ll see the tokens that emerge from ICOs to continue as securities, because they are similar in purpose to the traditional capital taking.

No exceptions in the regulation of ICOs

“A lot of what I’ve seen in the ICO area, is an offer of securities. It collects money for a project in which you exchange the money against a kind of law, that a return reflects on a project. This is not an offer of securities, I know how much clearer I can Express it.“

The way how to regulate securities in the United States, have proved successful, and the Foundation for a successful 19-trillion-US-Dollar-Ecosystem. He expected that all participants in the economy to keep to the rules. Exceptions for crypto-Assets, which places securities, will not give it.

In the last week, the SEC had reported-in-chief for the Bitcoin and ICOs. The Bitcoin, he considered not as investment but as an alternative means of payment. The situation is different in the case of ICOs, you want to how to regulate securities.

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