SBS happy with Lucky13 despite teething problems

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SBS and Talpa to look with satisfaction back at the first episodes of the new quiz Lucky13. Despite some problems with the technique are the authors happy with the large number of meespelers. The app was last week by 100,000 people downloaded.

Rob Janssen

“We have previously extensively tested but, in practice, you will come yet again other things. There we learn of. In that process, we are now”, says a spokesman for Talpa.

Lucky13 was Monday for the first time broadcast on SBS 6. It is the first show on broadcast tv where viewers can directly play, without them necessarily to the tv should look. In the app, players must be thirteen questions to answer. Who have all the answers, a chance to win a sum of money among all the winners is distributed. 3FM-dj Rob Janssen talks the show to each other.


Tuesday had the show be cancelled due to problems with the technique and also on the other days it was not all good. So accused players on social media about errors in the app so their answer was rejected. Behind the scenes is working hard to ’teething problems’ to pick out. At which time everything will work well, the spokesman has no answer to give. “We look every day, what can be improved. And that will continue. The American version HQ it took them six months.”

During the three transmissions, there were an average of 60,000 meespelers. “We didn’t expect. We thought if we 50 000 then we do the insanely good,” says the spokesman. “And despite the complaints, we can see that the players coming back. That is very positive.” About the viewing figures have SBS and Talpa also nothing to complain about. The three broadcasts were by an average of 220,000 viewers watched.

The main prizes were for the participants is still not very high because of the high number of winners. In the first few days were the prices not higher than a few dollars.

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