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SAP is jumping on the Blockchain-train

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SAP is focused on Blockchain-companies with a koinnovation consortium, Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) and a From-the-farm-to-consumer Initiative.


SAP is a German-based international Software company, which processes Software for the management of the business and customers making relationships. The company’s headquarters is located in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, and the company has local offices in 180 countries to its Portfolio. You will Blockchain have to present to a large customer base as they serve currently, more than 335.000 customers in over 180 countries.

The SAP Cloud Platform-the Blockchain Service

Their new Cloud-based solution aims to provide companies an environment for the creation of business applications on the Blockchain-to offer systems, such as the Hyper Ledger Fabric, the Linux Foundation launched Blockchain platform. SAP also contributes to this project.

The company said that this area is officially rolled out after it together with 65 companies under its Blockchain Co-Innovation Initiative, has worked in the Blockchain-researched applications in various industries such as logistics, manufacturing, transportation, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Koinnovation consortium

On the basis of one of the company, launched in the Blockchain – a survey, you have found the best way to bring your customers together: “SAP brings together like-minded industry leaders and the companies with which they do business, to request definitions for some of the biggest business challenges, and to let the Blockchain in our business environment to become a reality.”

From-the-farm-to-consumer Initiative

The company aims to bring Blockchain technology delivery in the agricultural chains. This should be done by the farm-to-consumer Initiative. Companies such as Johnsonville, Naturipe Farms and Maple Leaf work as additional collaborators on the project.

“The farm-to-consumer project follows a similar pattern that we see in many of our Blockchain projects. Cross-company collaboration along complex value added chains, in which the technology, there are many process to eliminate steps and loss of Efficiency, and automatic confidence.“

Supply chains

SAP modum in addition with the Swiss logistics group (MOD), the joint supply chain to promote activities. SAP plans to publish further details about the joint work of the enterprises of pilot projects in the course of this month.

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