Sanne about the fuss: it goes beyond

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Sanne Wallis de Vries for the first time has responded to the controversy that arose after a Israëlparodie’ in her Sanne Wallis de Show. “It will do automatically also over again,” said the comedian against News.

In an episode of the BNNVARA program appeared Martine Sandifort as Eurovisiesongfestivalwinnares Netta. On the melody of the winning song Toy sang Sandifort, a critical song about Israel. That fell not on good ground; international media reported about the parody and the Israeli embassy filed a complaint with BNNVARA.

“I have but just as”, said Sanne Thursday against News. “And thought: ok, this happens, as people react. Actually, just as a pregnancy – it happens to me.”

Sanne is still behind the parody. “This is satire: to put his finger on something that – apparently – sensitive. And that we should do, I think.”

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