Sam Feldt and SYML bring new track from

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It seems an unusual collaboration between the Dutch dj, Sam Feldt, and the Canadian singer/songwriter SYML. Although their styles are far apart, worked the two over the past months together on new music. Friday is a remix of SYML’s hit Where’s My Love appeared.

Sam Feldt

Sam and Brian Fennel, the singer behind SYML, know each other not that long. In december they came together for the first time during the 3FM Serious Request for a performance at the Glass House in Apeldoorn. “After my show was Brian on stage,” recalls Sam. “He played Where’s My Love. I knew the number is still not very good, but it sounded really cool.” Also Brian was charmed by Sam’s music. They decided to contact with each other. “Via Via we came in contact with each other. The click was good and we decided to collaborate on a new version,” said SYML.

All contact was then virtual. SYML: “In our own studio, we worked on the song. The new version we sent and back. Until we have a version had where we were both completely satisfied with it. When the song was finished, we talked to each other only in the real.”

Two worlds

Sam Feldt broke in 2015 with Show Me Love. A year later, the 24-year-old dj, along with Lucas & Steve for the song Summer on You that a big hit. His electronic style of music seems far away from that of SYML, which describes itself as indie-singer. “That is it”, says Sam. “My music is electronic with an indie twist. In my live shows I use as one of the few in the dancewereld lots of guitars and other instruments.” According to SYML were it used to be two totally different worlds, but grow more and more together. “In the dance music scene is becoming increasingly common lyrics used. Not only the music but also the text is very important. As a result, our genres closer together.”

The remix of Where’s My Love is, according to Sam, a sunny and energetic version of the emotionelere original. “When I first heard it, I thought it was a very emotional number. It touched me and made me even a bit sad. I’ve tried a uplifting song to make and at the same time to do justice to the original, to which the writer it has meant to be.” Brian is very satisfied with the remix of the song that he is, in 2016, released. “I have the number written in my studio in Seattle. It was raining outside, it was dark. Hear that you are back in my version. Nevertheless, I like very energetic music. I find the balance between those two very nicely.”

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