Roseanne Barr gives statement

0c63cc7bdaa60339d09a623bbbf55824 - Roseanne Barr gives statement

Roseanne Barr has text and an explanation of the tweet that her last month, her television series took. The racismetweet about Valerie Jarrett, who as an advisor to former president Barack Obama, according to Roseanne anti-semitic and not racist intended. “I have never engaged in racism and will never do,” tweeted Roseanne. “I’m not where I was of accuse.” The offending tweet, in which the comedian to the afro-American muslimah Jarrett the baby of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of The Apes called, went according to Roseanne about “the anti-semitism of the deal with Iran”. “People with a low IQ can think what they want.”

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