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Rock festival introduces… stilteplek

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For the first time Maanrock, Mechelen festival a stilteplek. Where people can escape the festive hustle and bustle.

The Mechelen festival Maanrock is at the end of this summer to the 22nd edition (24 to 26 August). The concept is now familiar: a lot of music in different styles, so that young and old something to their liking. Except for one theater square, and performances of Circus Ronaldo is coming this year Stilteplek’.

The organization notes that some people deliberately want to escape the hustle and bustle. The stilteplek comes in the garden of the Archbishop’s Palace. “We want the garden to be more open and at Maanrock is the ideal opportunity to enjoy the silence,” says Kristof Calvo, chairman of mmMechelen Party. ‘There are on Saturday and Sunday yoga sessions held by Studio Still of Eva Daeleman.’

Also new this year is the relocation of the Separate Stage of the butter market to the Cultuurplein. “The butter market is an electronic shindig held that the name ‘The Courtyard’ idea,” says Calvo. ‘The free stage moves to the Cultuurplein.’

For the first time, there is also room for comedy, where Bert Gabriëls will make sure of that.

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