Redbads invited to premiere film Redbad

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Anyone who Redbad is called is on Saturday, June 23rd welcome in Leeuwarden at the world premiere of the eponymous film from director Roel Reiné. That has producer Klaas de Jong Friday, let us know. Men who as a first or second name Redbad, may report to a production house Farmhouse or via the website of the film.

“People with this name are special and deserve a ereplekje on the stage,” said De Jong. According to his information, there must be at least ten people with the name Redbad. “We have in any case already found two: that had also signed up as extras for the film.” The manufacturer has a special plan for contemporary Redbads extra in the limelight at the premiere.

The premiere will take place in Leeuwarden as part of the program around the election of Leeuwarden as Cultural Capital of Europe, made producer Farmhouse Monday known. The display on the Saturday evening, attended by cast and crew of the film. There are a couple of thousand spectators welcome on the Wilhelminaplein.

Faith force

Director Roel Reiné, who for the past ten years, especially in Hollywood worked, turned the historical epic this fall in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The film tells about the Frisian hero Radboud (Gijs Naber), which in the early middle ages with the help of the Vikings struggle waged against the christians, who their faith with a firm hand upon the low countries.

Other leading roles are played by Lisa Smit, Egbert Jan Weeber, Loes Haverkort, Derek de Lint, Martijn Fischer and Aus Greidanus sr. The film is from the 28th of June in the Dutch cinemas.

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