Price again for Beau Sejour?

ba5d5c8da55619308eba918a37185a79 - Price again for Beau Sejour?

The annual televisiefestival of Monte Carlo is going to get back to start. That write the Mediahuiskranten. The One-series Beau Séjou is this year nominated in the category best dramareeks. The series, which are international as the Hotel Beau Séjour goes through life, is up against six other nominees: The Good Fight (America), Cardinal (Canada), Below-The-Surface (of Denmark), Liar (Great Britain), The Money Heist (Spain) and The Frozen Dead (France). Actress Lynn Van Royen, that the murdered girl Kato played, is nominated in the category best actress. Initially intended as a one-off series, is now a second season of Beau Séjour in the scaffolding. For the series, which is also available on Netflix and was praised by writer Stephen King, preparations are in full swing. When the recordings start, is not yet known.

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