Popularity of Netflix and Videoland increases

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While the number of traditional tv-links decreases, the number of customers grew from Netflix and Videoland. Daily look, Dutch people on average 28 minutes to get to this kind of services, reports market researcher Telecompaper in an examination of viewing habits.

Meanwhile, 35 percent of the Dutch households have access to Netflix, among the 20-30 year olds is even 65 percent. Also Videoland shows large growth rates. At this time, 6 percent of the households have access to this service.

For video-on-demand (VOD) for a fee movies or series to watch – the tv is the most popular. More than 80 percent say the big-screen tv in the living room to use. Between 30 and 34 percent also watching VOD on the laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Sports channels

Subscriptions to sports channels grow in popularity. 12 percent of the Dutch population has access to FOX Sports Eredivisie and another 5 percent looks at Ziggo Sport Total.

The different providers will increasingly offer combined subscriptions to which the decline of tv, internet and a mobielabonnement will be rewarded with a free sports channel. This is the customer base of FOX in three years with 55 per cent growth.

The data in the report from the market researcher are derived from a panel in which each quarter, 10,000 consumers will be questioned.

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