Political violence in Mexico goes on

2bf97c2ce5e464804be7f439d6f2f7ca - Political violence in Mexico goes on

MEXICO CITY – With two weeks to go until the elections runs the political violence in Mexico. Armed men shot Thursday, a mayor dead who had applied for re-election. Another burgemeesterskandidaat was Tuesday at noon-thought kidnapped and has since disappeared. Last Friday was a politician shot that competed for a provincial function.

The Mexicans on 1 July to vote for a new president, a new parliament, and some 3,000 local and regional directors.

According to the Mexican veiligheidsadviesbureau Etellekt during the campaign, certainly 113 candidates were murdered. That makes this campaign the most violent of the Mexican history. Especially local and regional politicians to be the victim, because the criminal gangs try municipal and provincial authorities under control.

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