Paul Michiels feels 35

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Paul Michiels is today seventy years old, but feels absolutely not so old. “When I take my youngest children to school, bring sleep to my peers. Or they are on a trip went out with the seniorenbus,” he says. “Because I am between younger parents go, I am not aware of that I 70 am. I’m there in no way to be remembered. My grandchildren call me, not grandpa or vava, but ‘P. P.’, just like everyone else. Do you know what punishment is? That my voice is better, while I was less effort to do. Maybe because I now more than ever, to live for each concert. I drink ginger tea and do the siesta; sleep of half to two to three. Meanwhile, I know what the secret of life is: dosing. Listen to your body, on time to go to sleep, and your limits to know. Not more than three Duvels per day drinking.”

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