Oxfam: “Minors are abused and sent back to the French-Italian border’

1c160afc106e09d9f867ba230bcaff6f - Oxfam: "Minors are abused and sent back to the French-Italian border’

Children of less than 12 years old are mistreated, imprisoned and illegally returned to Italy by the French border police. Writes that Oxfam Friday in a report. Oxfam calls on the European governments to their legal obligations to respect and to humanity and show solidarity with the most vulnerable people.

The Oxfam report, ‘Nowhere but out ” reports that the French police daily unaccompanied children keep them on the train to Italy. The French police would change any information on the papers of the children, so it seems like they are older or that they are entirely of their own free will to return to Italy. Children indicate that they are physically and verbally assaulted, and that at night were kept in cells without water, food or blanket, and without access to a guardian. That is in conflict with the current French and European legislation.

At least 16.500 migrants between July 2017 and april 2018 crossed the border near the town of Ventimiglia. One in four is a child. The majority of these migrants is on the run from the war and persecution that they have suffered in Sudan, Eritrea, Syria or Afghanistan.

Oxfam calls on the European states to ensure that the responsibility for refugees in a fair manner, with respect for the Dublin convention. The organization asks the Belgian government to the European and international conventions, to respect and to the existing legislation on migration in a human way .

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