Outsider Johan Veugelers scores with world cup song

068737d1bbf94a553387587e9202f79c - Outsider Johan Veugelers scores with world cup song

Now the kick-off of the world cup 2018 has been given, to experience the liedbalsongs glory days. Outsider in the race to be the world cup song of 2018 is the Belgian Hollander, singer/accordionist Johan Veugelers, that with “The 12th man” on a lot of approval can count. His song, which in the first instance referred to was on the many Dutch football fans unite, that our Red Devils are sympathetic, now also the whole of Flanders to dance and sing along.

“Because Orange is not selected, went to a lot of Dutch football fans, the Belgian national team to support”, explains Johan. “That feeling I translated the song “The 12th man”, which is an ode to all the supporters. But the song and the clip, with a nice mix of Dutch and Belgian fans, was also widely supported in Flanders.”

Johan, his song “The 12th man” by the way, on the days that the Red Devils play live in a lot of fandorpen through the Flanders.

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