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NewTech Myning: Top-10-ICO for Estonian Startup?

3635c588daf1281fc19c5f477a88feaa - NewTech Myning: Top-10-ICO for Estonian Startup?

NewTech Myning, a Startup from Estonia, is planning an ICO in the amount of 180 million US dollars. It reaches this goal, it would be one of the most successful Token Sales for the current year.

It is unknown, young and needs the money: A company called NewTech Myning OÜ with the U.S. securities and exchange Commission SEC indicated, to 180 million US dollars. This is found in a request, the SEC published at the beginning of June. Currently, however, it is still unclear what the two months ago the company founded. So NewTech is Myning on the form, only to want to take ownership for the so-called “GoWeb”Token sell.

Financing on JUICE

This will be done by using a so-called JUICE. JUICE stands for Simple Agreement for Future Tokens. It is a Investment Treaty to create legal certainty for investors in or initiators of ICOs. So, who wants to invest in a JUICE, a so-called “accredited Investor”. Including financiers, which regulates the SEC on the basis of their assets, annual income, close to the Government, or a professional experience less severe fall.

So far, little information about NewTech Myning

Has signed the document, a certain Rainer Osanik. This acts as the CEO of the company, which operates out of Tallinn. Osanik also works as an attorney for the law firm of ROS Law Office. The firm is on debt, financial and tax law, specialized.

So far, information about NewTech Myning and offered by GoWeb Token, however, hardly. The ambitious investment should be to achieve the goal of $ 180 million, would NewTech Myning OÜ are the way to the most successful crypto-debutants of this year.

Until then, however, caution is advised. BTC-ECHO keeps you on further developments.

What is the position of the Estonian government takes over the Blockchain technology, you can read it here.

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