Natalie Portman calls Jared Kushner ’rogue’

37a6143190bc616cac2205b85355d00c - Natalie Portman calls Jared Kushner ’rogue’

Actress Natalie Portman has Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and advisor of the American president Donald Trump, the ’perfect villain’. Portman and Kushner were years ago in the same class at Harvard.

The actress was a guest in the show of Stephen Colbert who asked her for her experiences with Kushner at the university. Portman acknowledged that they, at that time, friends was with Kushner, but that the contact is now dead. “There is little funny to say as someone with whom you once was a friend had turned into a kind of… supervillains”, said the actress.

The pair was so close that they are even still on each other’s marriages were present. Portman gave no further explanation on the question of Colbert’s why their friendship diluted.

The actress gold in 2016 as one of the fervent supporters of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic opponent of Trump. Clinton got more votes, but lost the election to the Republican, because he has more electors were assigned.

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