Music featuring voice of Stephen Hawking is to black hole gebeamd

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In London is today a memorial place of the march 14 death of world-renowned British cosmologist Stephen Hawking. The event will also join his research work. For the ceremony, the renowned Greek composer Vangelis, a special piece of music composed which also the voice of Hawking. This number is soon to be sent into space.

The ceremony at Westminster Abbey will start at 13.00 and will probably take an hour. A series of people will be speaking such as Tim Peake, a British astronaut from the European Ruimtevaartbureau ESA. Thousands of ordinary people will be in addition to the family invited guests to the commemoration can attend, by lot drawn from the 25,000 requests for tickets.

The axis of the professor at the University of Cambridge is buried between the graves of the other monuments of the science, Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Charles Darwin.

The Greek toetsenvirtuoos Vangelis also has a special piece of music composed. His words of Hawking himself up according to his daughter Lucy a “message of peace and hope”, “concerning unity and our need to to live together in harmony on this planet”. All of this is from a ground station of ESA in Spain sent in space, in particular, to the nearest black hole, and 1A 0620-00. This is located in a binary system to roughly 3,300 light-years from us.

Hawking, born on 8 January 1942, in particular, research into black holes, in addition to singularity in the universe. His book “A brief History of Time” became a bestseller.

The scientist was suffering from ALS, brought a large part of his life in a wheelchair and spoke through a voice response computer. What is not took away that he’s a parabolic flight made for a few moments of long weightless, and that he space tourist with Virgin Galactic, the company of British billionaire Richard Branson.

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