Mischievous toddlers are going to release with a mom’s self tan

b8809d8fa4bb2e5e79cc700c51874207 - Mischievous toddlers are going to release with a mom's self tan

DUNFERMLINE – this Is the reason that your self tan unattended allowed to leave? The Scottish mother, Billie, has shared photos of her 2 year old son and a friend on Facebook. The naughty boys were suddenly suspicious silence, and then the mother of them caught, they were under the self tan.

Billie Fotheringham (19) believed her eyes when saw what her son Kyle (2) and his playmate, Leo (3) had been up to. So reports Nieuwsblad.

The guys had the new bottle of self tan out of the closet to know to fish, and other ondergesmeerd with the bruiningscrème. “I thought at first that she had been hurt, but when I realized what was going on, burst me out laughing,” says the mother.

The boys still have brown spots on their body. Even after a few hours in bath to have been.

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