Life sentence for attempting to ’parachutemoord’

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LONDON – A British sergeant who repeatedly tried to give his wife to kill, is in Great Britain sentenced to life in prison. Emile Cilliers (38) on, inter alia, the parachute of the woman. She survived the fall, but hit, according to British media seriously injured.

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The court ruled that Cilliers financial and sexual motives. So aasde he money from the life insurance to pay his debts to pay off. Also, he wanted to start a new life with his mistress.

The sergeant had first tried his wife to kill by a gas leak to cause in their home in Amesbury. He hoped apparently that they themselves would blow up during cooking. Cilliers then took resort to sabotaging the parachute of his wife.

That the second assassination attempt also failed, according to the BBC, seen as a “near-miracle.” The now 41-year-old woman survived in 2015, a fall from a height of 1200 metres. She thanked that is likely more to the soft ground on the field where she landed.

The sergeant comes over eighteen years of age eligible for early release.

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