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Ledger TRON developer invites you to discuss a possible Integration

adc3713790e1e6768f9f9771c848a2cb - Ledger TRON developer invites you to discuss a possible Integration

The Hardware Wallets of the Ledger are in the crypto industry very popular and are regarded currencies as a highly secure repository for Cryptographic. Since TRON will soon grow up and be on a separate Blockchain is moving, and not more than ERC-20 Token does not exist, Ledger displayed in public that you’d like to discuss a possible Integration of the TRON tokens.

The world’s leading manufacturer of Hardware Wallets, Ledger, has called on the TRON development team to discuss the technical complexity of the new TRON Blockchain with the Ledger. It should be clarified what requirements must be met in order for the Ledger can support in the future, the TRON Coin.

TRON has recently, launched at the end of may, Testnet and will move to their own Blockchain. Previously, it was possible for ERC to store 20 tokens on the Ledger, and these were the Wallets compatible. Since TRON, but there are not more than ERC20-Token, but as a separate Coin, Ledger in TRON asked, how complex a possible Integration.

Furthermore, there is a new Version of the TRON Chrome Wallets 1.7.0, which is available since yesterday to Download. How quickly the development work will continue in this project, remains to be seen.

The course of the TRON shows a small rate increase of 3.75 percent to a price of 0,038 Euro. With a market capitalization of almost 2.5 billion euros in TRON currencies still occupies the 10th place of the greatest Crypto in the world.

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