Klaas Dijkhoff will occur with comedian

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VVD-leader Klaas Dijkhoff is one-off gig with a comedian. The parliamentarian goes on 25 June, ’a pleasant evening’ take care with comedian Rob Scheepers.

The theme is the future of the Netherlands in general and refugee policy in particular, made Dijkhoff Friday via Twitter known. The evening will take place in the south of the place Veldhoven.

The meeting by the liberal democrats ’stand-up ‘ politics’. According to a spokesperson of the party leader it is the first time that Dijkhoff in this way with the voter in a conversation wants to go’. If the night catches than the VVD’s more this kind of sessions are going to organize.

There is space for eighty people, but the number of notifications Friday afternoon ’surpassed all expectations’, says the zegsvrouw. “We need to have a good think about how we are going to solve it.”

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