Kim Kardashian calls for major redesign of Twitter

9dd042f9de78e3d95de5a878bdd0d2e9 - Kim Kardashian calls for major redesign of Twitter

If the of Kim Kardashian on it, we may soon become the spelling in our tweets to adjust with a ‘edit’button. Currently, you can only the wrong tweet, and delete new entries. They discussed the idea with the founder and CEO of the company and was very satisfied after their conversation.

It would soon just be that realityster Kim Kardashian for a revolution makes on Twitter. The Us is a great supporter of the addition of an ‘edit’button on the micoblogsite. This would make you small tikfoutjes can improve and you must not again a completely new tweet create. They pitchte the idea even Jack Dorsey, the founder and CEO of the company.

The two met each other at the birthday party of Kanye West, the husband of Kim. She had it long about the way the communication between people will change. Something the Kardashian-scion is an expert in is, since they have 60 million followers on Twitter. During the conversation she explained to him the idea of the ‘edit’button.

The idea was eagerly picked up online. A lot of people ask already for a while to the feature. But there are also users who prefer not to see it happen. They fear that the people the opportunity to statements from the past to fit.

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