Kees Tol is riding Tour de France-stage Kidney

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Announcers Kees Tol, Tijs van den Brink and Jaap Jongbloed, musical star Carolina Dijkhuizen, actor Leo Alkemade and Olympic schaatskampioen Esmee Visser participate in the program Tour the Celeb of Omroep MAX. The six go on a Tour de France-stage cycling to donors to raise for the Kidney foundation.

Kees Tol

The group is now training hard to in July, the stage of 169 km, with four steep climbs, bicycle. The six are divided into teams of three and go as the fight with each other. Each BN is also linked to a nierpatiënt where they go for a drive. Old cyclists Leontien van Moorsel and Maarten Tjallingii coach the participants.

Tour the Celeb is on the 18th of July once to see at NPO 1.

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