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Interior views of the MoneyConf in Dublin – If crypto-visions meet reality

995f666b12e8c67cd72b5faab89de9c7 - Interior views of the MoneyConf in Dublin – If crypto-visions meet reality

The MoneyConf is actually not a pure crypto-conference, but one of the world’s largest Fintech Events this week, from the 11. – 13. June, it was time again. We have met not only on the well-known Blockchain Startups and minds, but also to innovative companies and people, got along without the Blockchain, and ICO. We were able to make up some of the Highlights, which show several Trends in the crypto-Ecosystem.

Even if the Event is only officially on Tuesday, the 12. June, began, took place already on Monday, the first Blockchain-Meet. So, among other things, one of the largest Blockchain-companies in the world, Consensys, gave a press conference. If a state launched a Blockchain project, then the chances are not bad that Consensys. The CEO, Joe Lubin, formerly Co-Founder of Ethereum, spoke, in spite of all the challenges in terms of scalability and practicality, and self-confident about the future of Ethereum and the Consensys Ecosystem. He said that he had no doubt that Ethereum will continue to grow. Finally, tens of billions of dollars in Assets via Ethereum are already transferred today, every day-the Blockchain.

The conference and its identity

As in the case of each of (Blockchain-)conference there was an exhibition area and Stages, with presentations and Panels – so far, so unspectacular. Particularly, however, was the mixing of the themes. Although there are typical presentations, such as, for example, by Edith Yeung, Head of 500 Startups in Greater China, for the evaluation of ICOs, but also alleged Non-Blockchain-lectures, such as the EU Directive PSD II. that is Exactly where the value was. The confrontation with topics that are more likely to locate in the regulated financial sector, helped the crypto-Economy in the overall context of the financial industry for a better understanding. It was not only the large crypto-visions, which will set the financial world on its head, but also to issues and pragmatic solutions, far from the Blockchain world. A financial realism can learn from the ICO-driven Blockchain Startup scene quite a bit. Because one thing must be clear: A self-contained crypto-Ecosystem, without the interfaces to the regulated Fiat – respectively in financial Economics does not exist, at least in practice. A quick crypto-adaptation therefore requires an intensive engagement with Non-Blockchain infrastructure and regulatory framework – with no interfaces, no mass adaptation.

On the question of whether one could observe an increasing convergence of banks, Blockchain and Blockchain – Fintechs, agreed with Julian Hosp, CEO of TenX, in the conversation with BTC-ECHO. However, he can see that it is critical, if crypto-focus on conferences, just to get quickly and easily to the money of the exhibitors:

“You have to be careful at conferences, how much the Pay-to-Play is and how much the quality remains at the end of the Event. I notice in many of the conferences that will bring crypto-pure, that it is often a matter of just € 10,000 from a company, which then has the consequence that the quality will be lost quickly.“

To columns instead of in two camps – crypto and Non-crypto is always stronger, a merger between existing providers of financial services and crypto Startups. The Deal is simple: experience and licenses for innovations in the crypto sector. The crypto-Startups want to be able to play at our and regulated, established financial players in the market is not left behind – an impression that was confirmed at least on the MoneyConf.

The crypto world dominated on the MoneyConf

The crypto-focus was, at all the Differences to pure crypto-conferences, however, dominant. This was particularly marked by appearances of crypto hard-liners such as Tone Vays, who is known as a Bitcoin Maximalist in the world. So Vays expressed that he think of Ethereum nothing at all, not to mention from gox: “Bitcoin is the only useful Innovation in the crypto area,” he said unequivocally. On our question, how he can see the scaling problem in the case of Bitcoin, replied Vays left, that there was actually no. The Bitcoin Blockchain does not need to scale, since the scaling of the Second-Layer solutions, such as Lightning, are meant to be.

In addition to the observation of a convergence between regulated and crypto world, you could also make a tendency to the B2B industry. So the Hardware would, for example, manufacturers Ledger, reinforced Hardware-Wallet solutions for financial companies to offer rather than only to private individuals. Such B2B solutions and demand the professionalization of stress and the tendency of the crypto sector in collaboration with traditional financial companies – it is no longer only private individuals, but always sträker also to crypto-business solutions.

Even if ICO-projects and their Marketing continue to derive a large part of the attention, the pressure, the need for his Token projects to justify getting bigger and bigger. Increasingly critical and sophisticated investors and their questions. It is no longer enough to rely on the effect of the Blockchain-Bullshit bingo, as Inflation has trained in substance-free ICO-projects to many investors. This growth in the detached attitude, shown even if only cautiously, on the MoneyConf. A positive development for the projects that can really provide added value. At least on the MoneyConf the characters for the crypto-Economy were more on Evolution than on Revolution.

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