Ilse DeLange makes no illusions about career

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American television viewers have Thursday for the first time got acquainted with Ilse DeLange as a singer. In the popular tv series Nashville, in which they are five episodes to see, she sang her own song Love Goes On.

Ilse DeLange

“Bizarre”, let Ilse know in a comment. She is Callie Khouri, the founder of the series, and her husband T Bone Burnett, who also contributes to Nashville, immensely grateful for this opportunity. “They have their neck stretched out for me and that do not many Americans,” said Ilse. “I am extremely grateful. I’m absolutely no illusions about what this could mean for my music or career. I see it. Of course we do everything to make all of this as best as possible to take advantage of, but guarantees you have never. Not at all in America. Go with the flow!”

The song Love Goes On ‘ is from the Dutch audience is already familiar. The song that She wrote for her father, stood on the first Common Linnets-the album.


In Nashville, her acting debut, plays Ilse, the role of a successful singer who is also a coach/judge on a talent show. “For me, this role is much more than a role in a series. I’ve never had a dream to be in a series to play. This role is somewhat a symbol for the journey that I have travelled from the beginning of my career,” explains Ilse. “My first record deal I got in Nashville was signed, I got all my experience there gained with albums recording and writing, but I’ve actually never had music released in America. “I don’t fit the format” is what appears as a sticker on my forehead pasted to the state, it seems.”

“And now, through this way, by simply somewhere to get off and not have to give up in Nashville to play is simply great excitement and gives me bake energy. I love adventure and that this is my jubilee year happens, twenty years after I m’n scribble took in my first deal in that city, which is just great.”

In the broadcast of Thursday was still a well-known. Also, Jake Etheridge, who is also part of The Common Linnets, has a small role in Nashville.

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